Italy is the world’s largest wine producer and has been producing wine for export since the days of Greek colonisation when it was known simply as Oenotria – the land of wine. Italian wine styles differ enormously with each region having its own particular indigenous grapes – Sangiovese in Tuscany, Nebbiolo in Piedmont and Primitivo in Sicily, to name but a few. Wines like Chianti, Barolo, Amarone and Brunello express the character of these indigenous grapes with wines that are firmly associated with Italy and nowhere else. A recent development in Tuscany in particular has been the blending of the local Sangiovese with more international grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon to produce „Super” wines that are much in demand despite generally high prices. In general the standard of Italian wines improves each year with winemakers everywhere improving both their vineyard and vinification techniques.

"Nicola Fabiano" Valpolicella Classico Superiore, D.O.C., 2016, Fabiano

Another of Italy’s classic reds made from several old Italian grape varieties, this is a good choice with red meats and dishes with creamy sauces.


Alberello, Salento Rosso, 2015 Accademia dei Racemi

The sixty year old Negramaro vines which produce half the grapes for this blend (the remaining half are Primitivo) help give this wine its lovely deep colour. There’s a good balance between the ..


Amarone della Valpolicella, D.O.C. Classico, 2015, Fabiano

An Italian classic. The grapes are dried on racks for two months after the harvest which concentrates sugar levels in the grapes and enables a fuller, denser wine to be produced. Amarone della Va..


Argillaia, D.O.C., Lugana, 2017, Fabiano

This is our favourite white wine from the small Lugana region at the southern end of Lake Garda. Its made from the Trebbiano grape and you’ll find it has a lovely aroma and nice balance been fru..


Barbera d'Alba Superiore DOC, 2016, Piedmont, Franco Conterno

Wine produced from the Barbera vineyards of Monforte d’Alba, Barolo, Novello and Madonna di Como, where the terrain is very steep and rich in clay and tuff. Aged for 12 months in oak casks and ..


Barolo, Panerole, DOCG, 2013, Piedmont, Franco Conterno

Wine produced from the Panerole Cru, located in the Novello area. Aged in oak barrels for 30 months. Vibrant grenade ​​red colour; rich and complex nose; coarse, young and tannic flavour. Perfect wit..


Brunello di Montalcino, DOCG, 2011/2013, Carpineto

The Brunello di Montalcino is one of Italy's most important and prestigious wines. The grapes are grown within the hillsides of the township of Montalcino (Siena). Intense ruby red colour, with pale p..


Chardonnay, Otre, 2017, Puglia, Cantine Teanum

Bright yellow color. Aromas of exotic fruits and lemon, combined with notes of butter. Its well balanced acidity provides an excellent freshness with a soft and creamy palate. Perfect match for shellf..


Chianti Classico Riserva, D.O.C.G., 2013, Tuscany, Carpineto

This is just reaching the optimum age for drinking and you’ll find the savoury cherry flavours, good acidity and significant tannins make this a perfect wine with a wide range of foods, from gri..


Chianti Classico, D.O.C.G., 2016, Tuscany, Carpineto

Young, fruity and with that characteristic hint of sour cherry which comes with Sangiovese, this is for meats and pastas, especially those with a creamy sauce.


Dogajolo Rosso, IGT, 2016, Tuscany, Carpineto

One of the best-value Super Tuscans you’ll find anywhere. Made from Sangiovese (80%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (20%) and aged in French oak, Dogajolo has been especially made for drinking young alt..


Farnito, Cabernet Sauvignon, IGT, 2011, Carpineto

This Super Tuscan has a great nose of cherries and raspberries and a good balance of tannin and fruit on the palate. It is just starting to drink well so you can keep it for several more years if you ..


Farnito, Chardonnay, IGT, 2015, Carpineto

A white Super Tuscan which reflects both the region and the grape and which is a lovely wine for sipping on its own as an aperitif or with a range of food, from grilled chicken to seared tuna fish...


Gran Tiati, 2013, Puglia, Cantine Teanum

A blend of Aglianico, Montepulciano and Syrah which has been aged in American and French oak for 12 months. Deep dark red colour. Reveals complex aromas of ripe red fruits, caramel, vanilla, cedar and..


Gran Tiati, Gold Vintage, 2012, Puglia, Cantine Teanum

Deep dark red colour, presents a complex bouquet of balsamic aromas, vanilla, chocolate and marmalade of blackberries and blueberries. Full bodied, rich and soft tannins and intense aftertaste permits..


Langhe Nascetta, DOC, 2017, Piedmont, Franco Conterno

From vines cultivated in the challenging and malleable clay-rich soils of the comune of Novello, from which the wine takes its name. Aged in steel barrels for 5 months. Vibrant yellow with green under..


Molin Vecchio, 2006/2009, IGT Toscana, Carpineto

Named for the old flour mill nestled in the valley below the vineyard located in Montepulciano, Molin Vecchio is a estate-owned single vineyard Super Tuscan. Intense aromas of blackberry and licorice ..


Pinot Grigio, 2017, Veneto, Fabiano

This is a typical Pinot Grigio with a brilliant straw yellow colour, with a delicate bouquet of white acacia blossom, apricots and peaches, with more white orchard fruits on the palate. Natural acidit..


Primitivo di Manduria, Dunico, 2013, Accademia dei Racemi

Grown on the seashore near Taranto, this is a unique Primitivo with extra intensity and a sense of the sand dunes and salt water near which the grapes are grown. Aged in large barrels of Slavonian oak..


Primitivo di Manduria, Felline, 2016/2017, Accademia dei Racemi

This lovely full-bodied Primitivo has a velvety, vanilla mouth-feel, an intense nose and a long, satisfying finish. The grapes are from 40-year-old vines and the wine has been aged in French and Ameri..


Primitivo, Otre, 2017, Apulia, Cantine Teanum

If there is one grape that best expresses the character of Puglia it is probably Primitivo. Shown by DNA testing to be related to Californian Zinfandel, you find this to be big and bold in the charact..


Prosecco, Castello Sestiere 4357, Fabiano

Named after the street in Venice where the Fabiano family started out in wine from, this is a nice light bubbly with good acidity which balances the elevated sugar levels.  Delicately fruity and..


Rosso di Montepulciano, D.O.C., 2016, Toscano, Carpineto

Bright ruby red colour. Intense bouquet with hints of strawberries and cherries. Fruity flavour, young, fresh and slightly tannic. Enjoy with cold cuts, white meats and fresh cheeses...


Valpolicella D.O.C. Classico Superiore Ripasso, 2016, Fabiano

Ripassato is a process by which the grapes are first dried and then pressed and fermented. This produces a denser, higher alcohol wine with distinctive raisin flavours. The wine has an intense, b..


Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Riserva, D.O.C.G., 2012/2013, Tuscany, Carpineto

A lovely brambly nose and lots of intense ripe fruit gives you the option of drinking this now or cellaring it for a few more years. Simil say, just as good as some and for a lot less money. A Gold Me..


WINTER SALE !!! Dogajolo Bianco, IGT, 2017, Tuscany, Carpineto  - 29 %

A lovely blend of Chardonnay Grechetto and Sauvignon Blanc, this is engagingly aromatic with a lovely balance between the fruit and acidity. Great to drink on its own at parties and a good choice with..

55,00zł 39,00zł

WINTER SALE !!! Dolcetto, d’Alba DOC, 2016/2017, Piedmont, Franco Conterno - 25 %

Wine produced in the areas of Monforte d’Alba, Barolo and Novello, where the soil is malleable, rich in clay and difficult to work. Instead of barrel-ageing, fermentation takes place in steel ta..

52,00zł 39,00zł

WINTER SALE !!! Langhe Nebbiolo, DOC, 2013, Agricola Azienda Rivetto - 21 %

Medium-bodied and with a tannic bite, this is a wine that needs to go with food – preferably something with a rich, creamy sauce. Spaghetti Carbonara for instance.

75,00zł 59,00zł

Zinfandel, Sinfarosa, 2016, Puglia, Accademia dei Racemi

American Zinfandel has its origins in Primitivo from Puglia and this is named to remind us of the connection. Full of elegant aromas of pepper, red cherries and chocolate. You’ll find this ..


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